Inclusive Fitness

Accessibility Guidelines for Leisure Centres

Guidelines on Accessibility requirements for Leisure Centres.

Guidelines for Accessible Fitness Equipment

The items of equipment on this list have been product tested by and in consultation with people with disabilities and also approved by experienced industry experts.

Improving Accessibility Of Your Fitness Facility

Learn how you can improve the accessibility of your fitness facility with this gym layout.

Movement Plan

A six week Run/Walk/Push Plan designed to give you the confidence to build your exercise levels up gradually, starting with as little as 10 minutes.

Pre-Screening, Assessment & Information Gathering

A helpful checklist of things you should consider for Pre-Screening, Assessment & Information Gathering about the individual you are training.

TREE Model

A tool to adapt and modify your activities to make them more inclusive and accessible for all ability levels.

Working with Someone with a Disability/Impairment

Helpful tips and advice for working with someone with a disability or impairment.

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