Inclusion Resources

A Guide to developing a Disability Inclusion Policy

This resource will guide you in developing a Disability Inclusion Policy, which will help your organisation planning on what you can do to be more inclusive.

Autism – The 8 Senses
Cara Physical Activity Pyramid

The Pyramid is a tool you can use to know how much of different types of activities you should be doing to be physically active.

Inclusion Continuum

learn about the types of opportunities and choices you can provide in a range that goes from “fully segregated” to “fully integrated” activities.

Inclusive Communications & Promotion

Inclusive communications ensure you are promoting your activities to everyone and that everyone can access the information you want to share.  Here are some tips to help you achieve a more inclusive approach to communication and promotion.

Sport Inclusion Disability Officer Contact Details

Contact details for the National Network of Sport Inclusion Disability Officers (SIDO) in Ireland.

Tree Model

Apply this tool to modify and adapt your activities/sessions to make them more inclusive and accessible for all ability levels.

TREE Model

A tool to adapt and modify your activities to make them more inclusive and accessible for all ability levels.

Working with Someone with a Disability/Impairment

Helpful tips and advice for working with someone with a disability or impairment.

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