Developed for All Abilities – The fit4all Movement Plan

This six week movement plan has been developed to help you to get started with exercising and moving if you are a beginner.

The movement programme will give you the confidence to build your movement and exercise levels up gradually starting with as little as 10minutes and working up to 35 minutes.

The movement plan is aimed at and developed for all abilities whether you walk the plan, run the plan, or roll the plan.  The plan aims and encourages everyone to get moving, either in your local gym or in your local community or park.

It is really hard to believe, but walking, running and rolling are free and simple ways that you can get healthier and more active.

Movement and exercise can impact on all aspects of your life and the benefits of moving more will impact not only on your physical wellbeing but also your emotional & intellectual wellbeing – “How simply moving benefits your mental health. Srini Pillay, MD 2016

Research on physical activity, health and quality of life among people with disabilities, from 2006 shows that people with disabilities who met the recommended level of physical activity were more likely to report a good quality of life compared to their less active peers – Get Ireland Active – The National Physical Activity Plan for Ireland.

It is recommended that adults with disabilities should be active as their ability allows but should aim to meet the adult guidelines of at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity activity on 5 days a week – Get Ireland Active – The National Physical Activity Plan for Ireland.

So let’s get started.  Your fit4all movement plan is your guide to becoming more active and will help you to reach your recommended daily allowance of activity.

Copies of the fit4all Movement Plan can be got through CARA by emailing Brenda O’Donnell at . The plan will be available to download from our website very shortly.

The programme is supported by Joe O’Connor of Nisus Fitness (Ireland Fittest Family) and Get Ireland Walking.  The plan is funded by the Dept. of Justice and Equality.