Me Too & Me!

Planning. Travelling. Stories. Voices. Challenges. Overcoming. Strength. Understanding. Helpful. Surprising. Support. Achievement. Success. Rewarding. Fun. Friends. Living. Chatting. Belonging. Choices. Joy. Impact. Stars.

When I sat down to write this blog, I wasn’t too sure how I should approach it. Should I write about the health and physical benefits participation in exercise provides you? Should I highlight the organisations and services involved in it? Should I give a media style press release full of wonderful flowery language, sound bites and quotes and on what this is all about?


Me Too isn’t about that. Me Too isn’t about policy or research. Me Too is about getting back to the essence of all this; talking to people. Me Too is about hearing their stories. Me Too is about listening to people in their own words, telling us the importance sport and physical activity has in their lives.

When this project came up and I had the opportunity to lead its development, I was both nervous and excited to take it on. Excited to get stuck in and get out there and start meeting people and talking to them, but nervous to get it right.

Planning for this started months ago, but the real action began about a month ago. After identifying 5 individuals to be part of the multimedia campaign to launch Me Too, we got on the road (in my often unreliable car) to interview and get footage of them doing what they love best; being active. We’ve been in DCU watching the DCU Powerchair soccer team training. We’ve been in Tralee to see Imperials shoot some hoops. We’ve been to Cork to watch the Rebel Wheelers in action. We’ve been for a jog around the Town Park. We’ve had broken down cars and stranded cameramen. We’ve had to deal with constructions sites and Glee rehearsals next door to interview rooms. We’ve had bathroom hand dryers going off just at clincher moments of interviews. I’ve learned the importance of silence. I’ve learned a whole new vocabulary, including depth of field subject ratio! I’ve learned how to interview someone too, but in actual fact I wasn’t needed the majority of the time. The stories told themselves. They were often completely unaware of the unintentionally inspiring and pure gold that was coming out of their mouths.

Me Too is only beginning, and I’m really excited to see where this will take us all.

Voices. Stories. Me Too

Doireann Ní Mhuircheartaigh

Inclusive Communities Coordinator