Training and Education

Cara coordinates, develops and delivers inclusive training and education workshops across the Sport, Fitness, Adventure and Education sectors. All our workshops are designed to equip participants with the knowledge, competence and skills necessary to include people with disabilities in sport and physical activity, and increase quality provision.

Cara’s Tutor Team currently come from many different disabilities, sporting and physical activity professions and organisations.  Our tutors bring a wealth of knowledge and practical experience to each and every workshop. That, coupled with a genuine enthusiasm and love of what they do, always makes for an enjoyable learning experience.

Training & Education Update 2022 

In consultation with our training and education working group and the wider team of Cara, and given the reintroduction of restrictions and the ongoing advice for remote working, we have made the decision to continue to deliver our training and education workshops virtually for Quarter 1 and Quarter 2 of 2022. The safety of all of our tutors and attendees is of utmost importance to us, so we will also continue our review of our in-person workshops in preparation for a return to in-person delivery, once it is safe and appropriate to do so. We will be opening our workshop bookings again in January 2022, to commence delivery in February 2022.


Our Workshops

Sport Inclusion & Disability Awareness Online Workshop

  This workshop is designed to build awareness around people with disabilities participating in community sport and physical activity. On completion of the course all...


Autism in Sport Online Workshop

This online workshop will provide attendees with an understanding of Autism focussing on the delivery of sport. It will help participants to recognise and understand...


Inclusive Fitness Training Online Workshop

This workshop is designed to increase the confidence and awareness of fitness managers, fitness professionals and all front line staff to work with people with...


Disability Inclusion Training Online Workshop

This workshop is designed to provide participants with the knowledge, skills and ideas on how to adapt and modify your sport, physical activity or physical...


Inclusive Adventure Activities Training Online Workshop

This workshop is designed to inspire participants to help make their adventure activities and outdoor environments more accessible and inclusive for people with disabilities. The...


Inclusive Design for Outdoor Recreation Online Workshop

We are currently updating and redesigning our Inclusive Design for Outdoor Recreation workshop. This training is designed to give an overview of the best practice...


Our approach

Cara advocates for the Inclusion Continuum and the TREE model across all sport and physical activity settings.

Inclusion Continuum

Rather than thinking of inclusion as everyone participating together, consider inclusion as a process of ensuring ALL are included at a level appropriate to them.

The activities can vary from “open” to “modified”, “parallel”, “reverse integration”, and “separate”. Sometimes we can think of “inclusion” as everyone participating together, but “open” activities aren’t always possible or may not be the best option for a particular session. Consider ranging from “fully integrated” to “fully segregated” when planning your activities.

Regardless of the activity provided, how can a sport coach, leader, or teacher adapt or modify their sessions to ensure they are inclusive for all ability levels?

Tree Model Logo

The TREE model can be applied to any given type of activity on the Inclusion Continuum. To modify and adapt your activities to make them more inclusive and accessible for all ability levels, you can take an inclusive approach in many different ways by applying this tool:

  • Teaching or coaching style: you can adapt the way you communicate with the participants
  • Rules and regulations: you can simplify or change the rules and regulations to make your activities more inclusive
  • Equipment: you can modify the equipment you use to help the participants access your activities
  • Environment: you can adjust where the activities happen and how they are structured to accommodate all ability levels

Upcoming Workshops

Workshop DateFacilitated byWhereTimeContact Name Contact emailPositions available
Autism in Sport Online Workshop5th April 2022Cavan Sports PartnershipZoom19.00- 21.30Dean McElroydmcelroy@cavancoco.ieContact Facilitator
Disability Inclusion Training workshop25th April 2022Mayo Sports PartnershipZoom19.00- 21.30Ray McNamararmcnamara@mayococo.ieContact Facilitator
Disability Inclusion Training workshop26th April 2022Donegal Sports PartnershipZoom19.00- 21.30Therese Lavertysido@activedonegal.comContact Facilitator
Autism in Sport online workshop27th April 2022Westmeath Sports PartnershipZoom19.00-21.30Mary Kate Duiganmary.duignan@westmeathcoco.ieContact Facilitator
Autism in Sport online workshop28th April 2022Cork Sports PartnershipZoom18.30-21.00Cliona Horanchoran@corksports.ieContact Facilitator
Disability Inclusion Training Workshop3rd May 2022Roscommon Sports PartnershipZoom18.30-21.00Elaine Igoeelaine@rosactive.orgContact Facilitator
Disability Inclusion Training Workshop 5th May 2022Longford Sports PartnershipZoom18.30-21.00Michaela Farrellymfarrelly@longfordcoco.ieContact Facilitator
Autism in Sport online workshop 9th May 2022 Louth Sports PartnershipZoom18.30-21.00Triona Faapitotriona.faapito@louthcoco.ieContact Facilitator
Disability Inclusion Training workshop 10th May 2022 Roscommon Sports PartnershipZoom18.30-21.00Elaine Igoeelaine@rosactive.orgContact Facilitator
Autism in Sport online workshop 10th May 2022 Limerick Sports PartnershipZoom19.00-21.30Rachel McAuleyrmacauley@limericksports.ieContact Facilitator
Disability Inclusion Training workshop 16th May 2022Limerick Sports PartnershipZoom19.00-21.30Rachel McAuleyrmacauley@limericksports.ieContact Facilitator
Autism in Sport online 18th May 2022 Longford Sports PartnershipZoom18.30-21.00Michaela Farrellymfarrelly@longfordcoco.ieContact Facilitator
Autism in Sport online workshop 19th May 2022 Meath Sports PartnershipZoom18.30-21.00Terry Donegantdonegan@meathcoco.ieContact Facilitator
Autism in Sport online workshop 30th May 2022 Waterford Sports PartnershipZoom19.00-21.30Rachel Sinnottrsinnott@waterfordsportspartnership.ieContact Facilitator

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