Disability Inclusion Training Online Workshop

This workshop is designed to provide participants with the knowledge, skills and ideas on how to adapt and modify your sport, physical activity or physical education sessions to make them more accessible and inclusive for people with disabilities.

Attendees will be engaged through interactive group work, theory content and will be introduced to adaptation tools which will be applied to a variety of games and activities on how to make these inclusive for all ability groups.

On completion of the workshop all participants will receive a Cara Certificate of Attendance endorsed by Sport Ireland, a resource manual and a games booklet full of fun inclusive activities.

Disability Inclusion Training

Duration: 2.5 hours
Cost: €500
Who is this workshop for?:

Coaches, sports leaders, teachers, special needs assistants (SNAs), third level students, development officers, volunteers, parents or anyone who has an interest in making their sport accessible and inclusive for people with disabilities.

As part of our first club disability project, we coordinated the delivery of Cara Disability Inclusion Training for 50 of our coaches. The training provided in depth knowledge of a wide variety of disabilities both theoretically and practically. The coaches felt more comfortable and confident to facilitate a class specifically working with people with a disability and generally within a mixed ability group.

Aimi Baker

Gymnastics Ireland - Participation Manager

The training made me realize that despite the huge differences in context, barriers to inclusion in day-to-day activities and some prejudices towards persons with a disability seemed no different here and there. But also part of the solution is no different. The power and language of sport and play is universal. The training helped me to understand how sport and play can be a very practical tool in promoting inclusion, anywhere in the world!

Frank Velthuizen

Plan Ireland - Disability Coordinator

Our team had the hard skills to deliver the training but it was our soft skills and our lack of knowledge and awareness of dealing with people who had an impairment or disability that prompted us to do the Cara Disability Inclusion training. It definitely gave our team the confidence to deliver an inclusive indoor climbing programme which was enjoyed but our clients and by instructors delivering the programme.

Awesome Walls Cork


The training created a great awareness of how we should communicate with people that have a wide variety of disabilities. The variety of attendees from different backgrounds really helped me, we learnt from each other’s experiences and needs.

Gail MacAllister

Irish Sailing – Development Officer

The training was undertaken in conjunction with the IRFU’s pilot Disability TAG Rugby initiative in various areas around Ireland and our staff involved in the scheme to date have found the Cara Disability Inclusion Training to be invaluable in their work in this area.

Colin Moran

IRFU Training Manager

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Cara have a suite of courses/workshops that have being developed to meet the needs of specific sectors, aimed at increasing the knowledge and understanding of those coaching, teaching and instructing people with disabilities in those sectors. Our courses are fully endorsed by Sport Ireland.


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